Beneath the eaves at Sugar Bush Elementary;
On the cement below by the front door,
Lies a bird; silent.
Chirping no more…
The once esteemed beauty
Of his pigeon feathers,
Are now blown away,
By the wind and snowy weather,
He is injured;
He can barely fly,
The eagle-like heart he once had,
Is now beginning to die.
Lying on the cement by the front door.


Travis Kuhnke, a student at Sugar Bush Elementary

Arrived late to school to find the pigeon

Lying injured

On the cement by the front door.


Travis wanted to help.

Mrs. Grable, the principal says,

Let’s call Pat Fisher, she’ll help the bird
To mend his injury,
She will nurse the bird,
Back to proper health.
Lying there on the cement by the front door,
Josh the janitor bent down,
And cupped him in his palm.
To bring him in from the weather,

Josh then delivered the bird to

Pat Fisher, the bird healer.
Today the bird is free,
Freed at Sugar Bush Elementary

Travis Kuhnke, Mrs. Hinde’s class and Pat Fisher freed him today
Free to chirp, free to sing,
A song of no end,
Sugar Bush Elementary could not ignore the injured pigeon that laid

On the cement by the front door

Mary Faucher