I received a call from the school I drive bus for, Sugarbush , about an injured pigeon.  I did not have the time to pick up the bird so Josh brought the bird to me.

I found a puncture wound to the chest.  It could have been shot, or a hawk , or a collision, etc.  The bird was in good flesh and just needed a place to rest. It spent two days in a box in my bedroom and then by its actions it told me it was time to see if it could fly.  I put it in an outside 12 x 16 pen and it flew right up to a perch, good sign.    So now it had to eat and exercise more before it could be released back to its home at Sugarbush school.

On Feb17th after the cold snap I took the bird back to the school and Travis and his classmates let the bird go.  It flew like it knew exactly where it was, back home.

I usually do not do pigeons, but when one of your students on you bus cares enough, you have to respond. Travis taught me again that there is not such thing as “JUST” a pigeon.